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Mission Statement

We provide quality childcare but in a way that encourages children to learn about their environment by experiencing it firsthand.

Using the success of Schools and Nurseries in Scandinavian countries, we invite the children to come outside to learn through play and exploring the world they inhabit. The day can be spent outside rather than shying away from our British weather; we embrace it and use every opportunity as a learning experience. Rain, wind, ice and even snow all help the children develop. Seeing the seasons first hand and watching nature unfold is, for some, no longer an option, but here at Little Explorers we share these vital experiences with the children who thrive on fresh air and wonderful stimulation.

Little Explorers, Salford, is committed to providing a different kind of childcare service for you and your child. Everyday life always involves a degree of risk and we feel that it is important that children learn how to cope with this. Young children who are sheltered from risk and challenge will not be able to make judgements about their own capabilities and are likely to find their play areas uninteresting and use them in inappropriate ways, which can become dangerous. Therefore we encourage and support our children to engage in managed risk and challenge, such as learning how to negotiate natural hazards and learning how to use tools and equipment safely and purposefully. The staff at Little Explorers Nursery are committed to promoting a ‘have a go’ attitude and encouraging the children to be resourceful, inventive and creative. We understand how competent pre-school children can be and how well they respond to being trusted with responsibility, thus boosting their self confidence and self esteem.

We will manage risks and ensure staff are at hand to talk your child through them; but we will not remove every possible risk that we can think of or stop your child from learning from their mistakes.

As a parent of a ‘little explorer’ we will ask you to sign a copy of our mission statement as an agreement that you recognise the benefit of what we are offering at Little Explorers Nursery.