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How we are different at Little Explorers

We can confidently say we do things differently at Little Explorers. We've visited many other nurseries over the past few years and we pride ourselves on being a refreshing change.

Using the success of schools and nurseries in Scandinavian countries, we invite the children to come outside to learn through play and exploring the world they live in.

We can often spend whole days outside - we don't shy away from the unpredictable British weather, we embrace it and use every opportunity as a learning experience. Rain, wind, ice and even snow all help the children develop.

Seeing the seasons changing first hand and watching nature unfold is one of the best lessons around! At Little Explorers we share these vital experiences with the children who thrive on fresh air and wonderful stimulation.

Our nursery environment is centred around the children and always has been. All children want to learn and they progress at their own pace, so we let them!

We let our Little Explorers have the freedom to choose their own activities. With this freedom of choice, children will become enthusiastic learners, and this will help them to develop self-discipline from an early age.

The Little Explorers environment is a nourishing place for children where we are responsive to the continually changing needs of the growing child. Expression is encouraged through arts and crafts plus role play and we also offer our pre-schoolers the chance to learn Spanish - this helps give them a wider view of the world around us and enhances their skills.

Many of our staff members are parents themselves, giving them the life experience to know exactly what our Little Explorers need and creating a big, happy family at nursery.

Kate Sullivan started as an apprentice with us at our Swinton nursery. As a busy mum of five and looking for work, she completed ten months of volunteering with us before being offered a full time role - she's been here for almost four years now!

"The best bit about this job is when the children bring you something they're really proud of or something they've made just for you. My fridge at home is full of pictures the children at nursery have made for me. Seeing them smiling and happy warms my heart when I realise… I did that."

"Being a mum definitely makes a difference to my role. You just have that instinct that comes with being a parent - you know what that cry is and what they need to stop the tears. You're also in a position to understand how the parents are feeling when they first leave their children with us. The whole process is usually harder for the mums and dads as they go off to work pining!"

Come and take a look around your local Little Explorers Nursery and you'll see how we're different to your everyday nursery!

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