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It’s about education, not just childminding

It’s about education, not just childminding

There’s a common misconception that nursery time is just a childminding service. It’s so much more than that at Little Explorers!

We are committed to providing a different kind of childcare service, with a focus on education to help aid the development of the right skills at the right time.

Everyday life always involves a degree of risk and we feel that it’s important that children learn how to cope with this. Young children who are sheltered from risk and challenge will not be able to make judgements about their own capabilities and are likely to find their play areas uninteresting and use them in inappropriate ways, which can become dangerous.

Therefore, as part of our educational programme, we always encourage and support our children to engage in managed risk and challenge, such as learning how to negotiate natural hazards and learning how to use tools and equipment safely and purposefully.

The staff at Little Explorers are committed to promoting a ‘have a go’ attitude and encouraging the children to be resourceful, inventive and creative.

We cater for every child’s individual needs, help them to learn about sharing and aid their development of social, language and motor skills.

Teaching about equality and diversity is very important to us at Little Explorers – we have children who speak a variety of languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish and Urdu. This is one of the reasons we invite specialist teachers into our nurseries to help teach languages, such as Lingotot.

Thanks to spending so much time with the children, we’re also in the position where we can supply an early intervention if additional support is needed for a child, for example with conditions such as autism.

Overall, we understand how competent pre-school children can be and how well they respond to being trusted with responsibility, thus boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

We aim for every Little Explorer to leave us with the school-ready skills they need to take them onto their next educational stepping stone.

We’re always sad to wave goodbye to our Explorers at the end of their time with us, but we send them off in the knowledge they’re more than ready for their next adventure.

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