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“It was the warmth of the staff that struck me”

“It was the warmth of the staff that struck me”

Alastair has been with us at Little Explorers Swinton since he was nine months old – his mum Pam shared her experience with us…

“Being a first-time mum means it can be incredibly frightening leaving your child with anyone. I viewed another nursery before Little Explorers and I really didn’t get a good vibe from it at all. I wondered if I’d ever find somewhere I could leave him and feel happy.

“It was the warmth of the staff here that initially struck me. I felt comfortable leaving him with the staff, I trusted them. As a first-time mum with so many questions about childcare, I’ve been given advice when I’ve asked for it.

“The Little Explorers team have been able to advise me and help with various things like nap times and breastfeeding. It has been very reassuring. Even at difficult points, the staff have been very supportive with us.

“I work full time and he’s here until around 5.45pm each day, but he’s come on so much by being here. He’s so sociable.

“Alistair is three and a half now. He’s very cheeky and we wouldn’t change him. Little Explorers have played a massive part in forming who he is.

“He has to go to school this September though, sadly. We’re not sure how any of us will be able to say goodbye!”

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